How to create a FundMe campaign

Anyone can create a FundMe campaign. Just follow these simple steps.

First, sign up for your free FundMe account.
Second, choose who you're funding

You can create a FundMe campaign for any non-profit organization in the world, or you can fund your own cause.

  • If you're funding a non-profit organization, you don't need to worry about handling the funds - the donations will be sent directly to the organization.
  • If you're funding your own cause, then the donations will go directly to you (for your own use, or for you to distribute). Before you can set up your campaign, you'll first need to set up a PayPal fundraising account, into which we'll deposit your donations. See below for instructions on how to set up your PayPal fundraising account.

Third, select your FundMe Campaign Type

There are four types of FundMe campaigns that you can create.

Straight On

Create a crowdfunding campaign and recruit masses of small or large donations from donors in Israel and around the world.

Create your campaign

Matching Campaign

Raise twice, three times, or four times as much you ever thought you could. With a Matching Campaign, a donor agrees to match every donation that your donors make. You come home with twice as many donations, and the match incentivizes your donors to give!

Rewards Campaign

Offer your donors rewards in return for their donation.
Crowdfunding campaigns have swept the world because they allow donors to get something back in exchange for their donations.

Create a Rewards Campaign and:

Team Campaign

Let your supporters join your cause. In a click, donors can add their pictures and message to your campaign and create their own personalized campaign. Great for Marathon and sports fundraising teams.

Fourth, choose a graphic theme for your campaign

Choose a beautiful graphic theme to match your campaign. Among the themes that you can use:

Bar/Bat Mitzvah
Finally, using our simple-to-use wizard, create your campaign.

Using our wizard, you'll easily create your online campaign:

  • Describe your campaign
  • Upload pictures and video
  • Set yourself a fundraising goal
  • And that's it! You're ready to fundraise!
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