Creating a FundMe campaign is free. When a donation is made on your campaign, we collect a 5.9% transaction fee.

  • At the moment that the donation is deposited into your account, we collect our fee. So every time you receive a donation, you'll also see the fee that we charged.
  • Our fee doesn't include the credit card fee, which starts at 1.1%.
  • If you're fundraising for a non-profit organization, we don't charge you, but rather collect our fee directly from the organization.

Other fees that may apply

  • The prices we list on this page do not include Israeli VAT.
  • If you'd like us to set up your FundMe Payment Account for you, we can do this for 99 NIS.
  • If a donation is cancelled there is a 10 NIS fee charged by the credit card company. If a charge is contested, there is a $20 fee charged by the credit card company.
  • We have an affiliate program, where you can offer our partners to promote your campaign, in exchange for a percentage of the donations that they recruit.